Felo Insulated Hand Tools

Felo Insulated Pliers

Each Felo insulated tool is designed with safety in mind. Each tool is closely
inspected, tested and certified to comply with all critical safety standards, including insulation
safety testing at 10,000 volts. VDE tests are performed according to IEC60900, DIN 60900 and
VDE 0860 specifications. Each tool is machined to exacting German standards, and the result is
tools that deliver fantastic performance and last a lifetime.

FELO is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high quality tools.

Felo has a full line of insulated tools. Including screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, bits, blades & more!

Click here to see the full line of Felo insulated tools –>> https://goo.gl/SfdHw9


Pictured Right: Felo #63697 – https://goo.gl/W3S2Jy


Check out the full line of NEW Felo insulated pliers!

6 1/4″ Insulation Stripping Pliers #63803 – https://goo.gl/BDJ2kG

6 1/4″ Cable Cutter VDE #63805 – https://goo.gl/adqkDG

8″ Heavy Duty Diagonal Nippers VDE #63807 – https://goo.gl/AzEUQX

8″ Multi Cutter VDE #63811 – https://goo.gl/SWS6V3

6 1/4″ Combination Pliers VDE #63791 – https://goo.gl/HUcezP

7″ Combination Pliers VDE #63793 – https://goo.gl/iyNUGV

6 1/4″ Diagonal Nippers VDE #63795 – https://goo.gl/xYHPGj

6 3/4″ Chain Nose Radio Pliers VDE # 63799 – https://goo.gl/8amGKR

6 3/4″ Chain Nose Radio Pliers VDE Curved #63801 – https://goo.gl/Feu6aS

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