BESSEY® Clamp, woodworking, small lever clamp, KliKlamp, 8” x 3 In., 260 lb

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This handy light-weight version of the BESSEY all-steel rapid action lever clamps still creates up to 260 Lbs clamping force. The positive locking ratchet action will not loosen due to vibration. BESSEY. Simply better.

  • Magnesium jaws make the clamp extremely light
  • Ratchet mechanism is vibration-resistant, making it great for use with power tools
  • Rapid action ratchet mechanism
  • Fixed arm with V-grooves holds any shaped work piece firmly
  • Lever handle is of a durable, fiberglass-reinforced, polyamide construction
  • Clamp is designed for easy use
  • Apply up to 260 Lbs of clamping force with only 2 fingers

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