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FEATURES / Chlorine-Free / Sulfur-Free / Mineral Oil-Free / Fully Synthetic / Biodegradable / Select EP Additives / Adheres to Tubing for Bending / Smoke-Free Weld-Through / Residues are Easily Removed / No Gummy Deposits / Provides In-Process Rust Protection / Recommended for Use on Ferrous Metals and Aluminum DESCRIPTION International Compound 1576 is a soft, pourable, thixotropic* gel that is engineered for bending and drawing operations utilizing ferrous metals and aluminum. It is a fully synthetic and biodegradable formulation, containing no mineral oil-based derivatives. International Compound 1576 is a chlorine- and sulfur-free lubricant that may be applied via swab or roll-coater equipment. Dilutions may be sprayed or re-circulated at the dies. Dilutions are stable in hard water and will not produce excessive foam. *Thixotropic: the property of certain compounds that are highly viscous under normal conditions, but become less viscous (thinner) under duress (mixing, agitation, etc.).

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