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FEATURES / Totally Synthetic, No Mineral Oils / Compatible with Hard Water / Dissipates Heat & Reduces Burrs / Environmentally Sound Formulation / Cleans with Water or Mild Detergent / Clean and Low-Foaming Solutions / Weld Through Residual Film / True Solution, Will Not Bind Filters / Superior Wetting and Detergency / Eliminates Many Disposal Problems / Inhibits Corrosion and Oxidation / Provides Excellent Tool Life / Cool Operating Temperatures / Very Effective Combination of Extreme Pressure Additives for Heavy-Duty & Severe Operations / Safe for Use on Carbide-Coated Tooling and Dies / Contains Sulfurized EP Additive / Not For Use With Yellow Metals / Boron-Free DESCRIPTION International Compound 2521 is a boron-free full-synthetic, water-based and heavyduty lubricant _ blended with a robust sulfurized EP additive _ that is engineered for piercing, blanking, perforating, forming, drawing and stamping operations utilizing metals such as steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The high film strength lubricity reduces friction and provides excellent anti-wear protection. It is not recommended for use with yellow metals. International Compound 2521 is non-corrosive. When left un-rinsed on components, the residual film may be welded through without excessive smoking or interference with the integrity of the weld. The residual film also provides excellent rust protection.

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